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Essays - An Introduction
« on: March 12, 2013, 09:21:15 pm »
For the want of a better word, I have called these articles Essays, and they each relate to a particular aspect of the workings of a landscape business. How you treat each one, and the relevance to your particular firm will depend on many factors, including the structure and development stage of your company.

Due to the widely diverse experiences and complexity  of business operations of those reading these features, their relevance will obviously vary. Therefore I propose to leave these articles in the Essays thread, and give each one a suitable title for ease of reference. These references may change as the number of essays increases.

Should you wish to see a particular item addressed, please let me know via the Forum, and I will do my best to accommodate you. The purpose of the Essay thread is to help you as an individual and company operator at the same time as keeping the web site relevant and interesting!

Based on my column in the Horticulture Week (ĎSargentís Solutionsí) and the 2013 book The Landscaperís Survival Manual (A4 hardback, available via my web site  for those of you in a hurry to read more!) the series will build into a comprehensive document.

Alan Sargent
April 2013
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