Author Topic: Raised Brick Planters – Curved Corners Without Specials  (Read 3047 times)

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Raised Brick Planters – Curved Corners Without Specials
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Raised Brick Planters – Curved Corners Without Specials

This project was in the centre of the City of Chichester, the scheme being devised by a new designer. The plan was straightforward – two individual raised planters with a matching raised area to the rear of the garden.

However, the designer did not realise that brick ‘specials’ are required to construct the curved corners of the brickwork! This lack of appreciation would have led to a few problems with timing and the client, so I agreed to cut the bricks – a multi coloured ‘Farmyard’ style of good quality products – provided that the internal ‘frog’ was not exposed. As you can see, I got away with the cuts, and thanks to the multi colours, they did not show unduly.

However, the most difficult part was in the production of the corner coping bricks, which required a ‘set’ of six individually sawn brick sections to form the corner piece. Fortunately, as each corner was  mirror of its neighbour, the eight corner units were able to be sawn on a home made jig – one jig for each of the six different pieces!

For information, the planters were constructed in 100mm blockwork internally, with stainless steel ties @ 30cm centres, then clad with face brickwork, all capped with soldier course brick on edge. The paving is Indian Sandstone, random length, uniform width, all laid over 100mm 1.6 reinforced concrete. There was only 10mm crossfall over the whole area due to existing levels and damp proof courses, with only one rainwater outlet for the whole rear (walled) garden.

(Plus there was no parking, very poor access,  it would not stop raining and it all had to be finished to a tight (Christmas) deadline. Doncha just love contracting? (Constructed by my own fair hands, with one very useful labourer)